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The first two years of a student’s school life often referred to as the Foundation Stage, are a precious and challenging time. These important years lay the foundations at the beginning of a child’s development for the rest of their education.

Doha Academy has a caring, experienced and highly qualified team of professionals who understand the unique needs of very young children and their parents. Our teaching topics are chosen specifically to engage the children and allow them to have fun whilst they learn.

They key to a child’s learning at this stage is through play. We ensure that our children have opportunities to explore and develop their skills to help them make sense of the world. They practise and build up ideas, and learn how to control themselves and understand the need for rules.

Doha Academy creates opportunities for our students to think creatively both independently and alongside other children. Students learn to communicate with others and those children, who are learning English, have the opportunity to develop their vocabulary and skills in a second language.

Our teachers are fully supportive of families being involved in their child’s education. You are encouraged to speak with your child’s teacher regularly to discuss their progress. This communication ultimately benefits us all, but especially your child. We respect the fact that every child is different and try to get to know all of our children on an individual basis as quickly as possible.



At Doha Academy, we understand that when your child starts Kindergarten, it may be the first time that your child has been separated from parents and carers for any length of time. We also understand that this may be your child’s first experience of being part of a large group of children with all the expectations of co-operation that this entails.

Therefore, we have a clear, structured induction programme for our new children and their families. Kindergarten families will have the opportunity to attend an Open Day where you and your child will receive a welcome pack, can visit classrooms, meet the teachers and ask any questions that you may have.

At the start of the school year, all Kindergarten children will take part in activities that help them get used to their new routine and adjust to coming to school every day. Within a few weeks, most children will have settled into school.

If there are any specific health related concerns about your child, our school nurse is available to speak with you in confidence at any time.



The Reception year of the programme covers the second year of the Foundation Stage. Many, but not all, of our children in Reception have already completed their Kindergarten year with us. We take particular care with the children and parents who are new to us at this stage, ensuring they settle quickly into our school community.

Reception is a very important year for the children as they develop the maturity and self-confidence to be able to cope with the future demands of their education. They also begin to consolidate their ability to communicate effectively in English at this time. This is vital if they are to be successful as they progress through the school.

Mission Statement

Doha Academy schools offer boys and girls an education for life. We believe that schools should be happy purposeful communities where children are encouraged to achieve their best spiritually, morally, socially, intellectually and physically.


To be a global leader in providing an accessible, outstanding and all-inclusive education, that reflects the principles and teachings of Islam.

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